Danny M. Vaughn(non-registered)
Hello Mike, While I do not claim professional status as a mere fledgling photographer, I am always receptive to suggestions, critiques, etc. from folks like you who have the professional credentials. Your work speaks volumes for a creative eye, and a sensitivity for the common elements of day to day phenomena.
Pirom Bk
I visited and viewed all your amazing and beautiful photos, I like all.
I'm in Songkhla Thailand That met you in OTOP products presentation at PSU convention hall. Can you remember me?. I like to take photo, my photos store and share on http://flickr.com/photos/bpirom/ . If there is a chance I hope to take a photo with you.

Thank you.
Ted Kane(non-registered)
Beautiful work Mike. True artist.
Tony Pena(non-registered)
Mike, like fine wine, your photos continue to improve with age!
Diana Campillo(non-registered)
Amazing pictures, especially the ones of California, the black and whites that look like silver negatives. Just beautiful!
Anna Clay(non-registered)
Just passing by to say hello and looking through your amazing pictures. How's Thailand Mr. LaNoue...
William (Bill) Myers(non-registered)
Mike, it's great stuff and beautiful work. We will all miss your work at the college. Keep inspiring us all with photos from foreign lands. Wishing you good fortune with thees new horizons- Bill
Jon Wink(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your obvious love for photography. I hope you enjoy Thailand. I'm sure you will get some great shots there as my daughter and her husband did. You have a definate talent and eye.
Becky Hester(non-registered)
Nice website. I have always loved your photography. thanks for sharing.
Karina Rindt(non-registered)
I am so honored to have you as my Photography Instructor Michael. Your new site conveys such Elegance and Beauty. You have an amazing eye & Love for nature and it clearly shows through your work!
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